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Recently the entirety of Marvel Phase Five line up was released at San Diego Comic Con. However there are a total of eight gaps missing from Phase Six with the exception of Fantastic Four, Avengers The Kang Dynasty and Avengers Secret Wars. Here we go through the potential of seeing X-Men (or more likely The Mutants due to contracts), Young Avengers, Deadpool 3, Spider-Man, Midnight Suns and more! Thanks for watching and see you in September.

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Wolverine Thumbnail image courtesy of https://www.artstation.com/artwork/RrbgW

00:00 The Start
01:12 Young Avengers
03:08 The Mutants
04:33 Armor Wars
05:22 Dr Doom
06:23 Deadpool 3
07:18 Spider-Man
08:43 NOOM
10:30 Midnight Suns
11:17 Celestials: End of Time
12:22 Other Examples of Things

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