As promised we have returned to talk about the biggest Box Office Bombs of 2022. With noteble comic book movies like Morbius and Black Adam making the cut along with two Disney entries with Lightyear and Strange World. Plus there’s the likes of Moonfall, The Fablemans, Death On The Nile, Fantastics Beasts Dumbledor & His Secret Or Whatever and more! Thanks for sticking with us in 2022, we genuinely appreciate all the support. Have a great New Year

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Time Codes
1:28 Morbius
2:34 Death On The Nile
3:28 Blacklight
4:30 The Fablemans
5:28 Black Adam
7:02 Lightyear
8:49 The Northman
10:04 The 355
10:40 Amsterdam
10:32 Strange World
13:12 Devotion
14:36 (dis)Honorable
18:00 Moonfall


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